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Test Ordering and Results

Order a Test

Learn how to order a test if you already have an account or how to request an account that you can use to order tests.

Critical Values and Results

Submit critical notification contacts, and view policies and test lists for critical values, critical results, and semi-urgent results.

Prior Authorization

View eligible tests and learn how to request prior authorization and third-party billing services.

Test Performance Policies

Review complete laboratory testing policies, including details about billing, compliance, specimens, and results.

Add Tests to an Order

Add tests to an existing order by completing this web form.

International System of Units (SI) Conversion

Convert conventional units of measure to SI units on test results.

Custom Gene Ordering Tool

Create a custom gene list that you can include in your test order.

Ordering Application Resources


View release notes, setup information, and quick reference topics.


View quick reference topics and information about new features.