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Test ID: FFRBS    
Friedreich Ataxia, Frataxin, Quantitative, Blood Spot

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Diagnosing individuals with Friedreich ataxia in blood spot specimens


Monitoring frataxin levels in patients with Friedreich ataxia


This test is not useful for carrier detection.

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Friedreich ataxia (FA) presents most commonly between 10 to 15 years of age with progressive neurologic changes including spasticity and ataxia.


Decreased frataxin protein levels are diagnostic of FA.


Frataxin protein analysis is a cost-effective and quick method for establishing a diagnosis of FA and will detect rare variants otherwise missed by common molecular-based trinucleotide repeat analysis.


This dried blood spot assay is available for the diagnosis of individuals with Friedreich ataxia and monitoring frataxin levels in known patients, regardless of the individual's age.

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Luminex Immunoassay

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Frataxin, Quant, BS

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Friedreich ataxia (FA)